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about brad

Brad Basker is a singer-songwriter, multipreneur, author, and Ph.D. researcher. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, his obsession with writing manifested at an early age as he wrote poetry and short stories. This continued when he began playing guitar at 10 years old at the urging of his father, Kurt, and came full circle when he started songwriting at 16. His curiosity about cultures and history became a heavy influence on his music after learning about seu Jorge and when combined with influences like Jack johnson he ultimately found his signature style. 

elements of storytelling and internationalism continually influence his career as a journalist and featured most prominently in his novels like 2014's The Meeting place. Additionally, these interests combine during the course of his academic career and continue in his current research in intercultural new media studies in Bilbao, Spain. 

When he's not writing new songs for himself & other artists, managing Griffin Collective, obsessing over digital competence or a new novella treatment, he can be found watching star wars.


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