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MARCH 3RD, 2023

Like most people, Covid uprooted a sense of normalcy, and from a functional standpoint everything that was a professional constant no longer worked. All I had were unfinished creative and business ideas, musings, and time. 

One of the several projects that began was q-sessions, (Quarantine Sessions) I'd always wanted to do a full acoustic project and with a spire isotoype recording device had everything I needed to bring new life to old tunes in addition to composing new ones.e 


The concept of proximity features throughout the project's narrative telling a love story which after the opening title "Your Kiss" steadily devolves into an antiromantic fairytale culminating in "The Shore". It is also a project conceptually focused on simplicity and singular utility, with all instrumentation and vocal arrangements being completed on a device slightly bigger than the size of a fist.

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